Anglo American

Anglo American Optical Company LTD was founded in London in 1882, with over 120 years of frame making experience. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality zyl frames in the industry. We started producing frames by hand and have perfected what we believe is an art.


Arianna is an Italian inspired collection featuring beautifully polished plastics, metal accents and jeweled inlays that combine to make a bold statement.  Sophisticated elegance is the statement here!


At Armourx, we believe that your safety glasses should be both functional and stylish. Our goal is to provide you with affordable and fashionable safety frames to suit your individual style, with the performance and durability of safety eyewear for the workplace.

Chic Eyewear

Chic Eyewear offers sassy elegance with all day comfort.  Bold rich colors in polished and matte finishes bring this collection to life.  Accentuated brow lines draw attention to the eyes with subtlety.  This soon to be classic is new to 2018.


In 1983, a group of hardcore fishermen who spent their days exploring the globe and battling extreme elements came to realize that the sunglasses they were relying on weren’t as hardcore as their adventures. Seeing the world in absolute clarity and protecting their eyes was a must. So when they couldn’t find worthy sunglasses, they decide to build their own. And Costa was born.

Diva Eyewear

Diva is a true luxury eyewear collection that was first created in 1990 by Italian designer Antonio Coffen.  He set out to create a collection that captured the ultimate in beauty, femininity and elegance interpreted into ladies eyewear.  His inspiration includes jewelry in addition to the pure beauty of nature.


Mark Dolabany’s involvement in the optical trade began at a very young age, during a time when eyeglasses were handmade.  His appreciation for the design and production of this era resonated and remained with him throughout his career.

Frost Eyewear

Glasses from frost eyewear are everything but normal: cosmopolitan, extroverted, optimistic and above all fashion trends. The unique design of each pair of glasses is a statement of one’s very individual personality.

Ink Eyewear

Ink pays homage to those individuals who have a strong sense of identity, to those who are not concerned with the opinions of others and are not afraid to express their own.  Tattooing as a form of visual communication using imagery, symbols and words that speaks not only to the identity of the wearer but to the surrounding culture.

Jaguar Eyewear

Jaguar automobiles are world renowned for their luxury, sophistication and style. Translated into men’s fashion eyewear, Jaguar is an unmistakable collection marked by its excellent craftsmanship, unrivaled quality, and flawless execution of even the smallest details.

Jean Reno

This collection brings out the style and sophistication of the artist all while offering modern and structured designs as well as a variety of round frames.  Men, women, classic or modern, Jean Reno frames will make your personality shine!

Kala Eyewear

Kala is well known for perfectly round eyewear. Recreating iconic frames from the past as well as designing new and unusual shapes (with a California vibe) for today’s wearer. We have a strong passion for eyewear.

KYme Eyewear

KYme was born from an inspiration, from a creative impulse and a great passion.  As a continuous flow, it comes with the power of a wave, to disrupt the cliches and to create a new soul in the eyewear’s world.

Mad in Italy Eyewear

In Northeastern Italy, in the heart of the eyeglass district, we use the master craftsmanship developed in the area and local resources to guarantee authentic Italian artisanal quality.

Maui Jim

We take our cues from the sun. It’s as much a part of our lives as the air that we breathe. We work in it. We play under it. We relax in it. We are always finding new ways to reveal more of the vibrant colors of the world while protecting your eyes from the effects of harsh glare and harmful rays.

MiraFlex Eyewear

Miraflex Glasses creates a signature line of Italian made, Flexible & Safe, plastic frames with no metal parts, making it the safest option for your child’s protective eyewear.

Ovvo Optics

Weighing barely 0.6 ounces OVVO frames offer unparalleled comfort and unfailing durability. Tests showed that stretched flat frames can hold up to 90 pounds without breaking.

Penguin Eyewear

Original Penguin is an iconic American clothing line with roots in the Rat Pack era of the 1950’s. The brand catapulted back into fashion in 2000 and today Original Penguin includes men’s clothing, accessories, footwear and eyewear.

Plume Paris Eyewear

Mark Dolabany’s involvement in the optical trade began at a very young age, during a time when eyeglasses were handmade.  His appreciation for the design and production of this era resonated and remained with him throughout his career.

Revo Sunglasses

Founded in 1985, Revo quickly became a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology. Revo sunglasses were first created by utilizing lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites

Ziggy Eyewear

A new level of style and design has been achieved by this collection.  The subtle details and innovative color combinations make this line strictly feminine.  Be different!  Be unique!  Create your look!

X-ide Eyewear

Free to be creative. Styles come to life from our designer’s pencils: every style has its own life.  The combination of different worlds and cultures, contamination between forms and materials, passion for beauty: these are the hallmarks of our collections.

William Morris Eyewear

In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.

Wiley X

Wiley X, Inc. is a world leader in the research and development of protective eyewear  for military, law enforcement and civilian markets. By developing unparalleled relationships with U.S. Armed Forces and elite Special Forces units, Wiley X remains a standard issue item with many of these freedom protectors.

Victory Eyewear

The Victory Optical Collection revives a line of classic American eyewear designs that have been in the same family for four generations. Victory’s signature look has been resurrected in a line of retro-chic eyewear that is drawing a new clientele of fashion-forward individuals.

Teka Eyewear

Tekā Eyewear is the latest line of fashionable and affordable eyewear. Uniquely crafted from top quality materials including buffalo horn, exotic wood, titanium, and leather, Tekā Eyewear marks the territory of fashion forward and superior handcrafted eyewear.

Roger Eyewear

The “Roger” collection is an easy and fashionable eyewear collection with soft shapes, exciting colors and high quality materials, made with the newest technology.  Simple shapes put into an exciting frame!

Runway Titanium

The Runway Titanium collection offers a modern take on classic designs.  Handsomely designed men’s and elegantly finished women’s styles offer the ultimate in sophisticated fashion while providing all day comfort.