So now that you LOOK great…it’s time to SEE great!

Lenses to fit YOUR unique lifestyle.

Single Vision Lenses

For near- and far-sighted wearers.  Whether the scholar, the blogger, mover or shaker we have tailor-made lenses specifically for you.

iCuity Digital Lens

Today’s digital world needs a digital lens.  No more digital eye strain, stiff neck or tired eyes even after hours on your digital device.

iCuity Advanced

Available exclusively at Couture Eyewear, iCuity progressive lenses offer seamless vision from the smallest detail to the world around.

Zeiss DriveSafe

For excellent wearer comfort and greater safety on the road.  Zeiss Drivesafe is specially designed for driving.

Zeiss EnergizeMe

The first eyeglasses developed exclusively for contact lens wearers.  Refresh YOUR tired eyes today.

Zeiss Office Lenses

Designed specifically for the office and the screen.  Crisp and comfortable vision at near and intermediate distances.

Lens Options

Options for eyeglasses include photochromics, anti-reflective coatings, blue-light filters and polarized lenses.

Lens Materials

Most lens styles are available in a large variety of materials.  Each material has it’s own unique benefits.