Relaxed tired eyes, feel less eye strain, and experience clear and sharp vision. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses are the first in the world to be specially designed for the needs of contact lens wearers.

They’re the complete solution for stress-free vision after removing your contact lenses. These eyeglass lenses feature an innovative design tailored to the visual behavior of contact lens wearers, combined with a lens coating optimized for clear, sharp vision in the digital world. The glasses for contact lens wearers – treat your eyes to a new, refreshed feeling.

ZEISS EnergizeMe.

The first eyeglass lenses exclusively developed for contact lens wearers.

These days every contact lens wearer has at least one pair of glasses to give their eyes a break after hours of contact lens wear. And frequently using smartphones and tablets causes additional eye strain. But did you know that these glasses can address both these problems and more?

Enjoy more comfortable vision and refreshed eyes when switching to glasses after removing your contact lenses. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses provide contact lens wearers with something more than a typical pair of glasses. These are specially optimized for contact lens wearers’ visual behavior, and provide sharp, clear vision in the digital world.

Comfortable vision and refreshed eyes.

Experience total relaxation with these eyeglass lenses for all contact lens wearers.

Who doesn’t know the feeling? After wearing contact lenses for hours on end, your eyes are tired and your vision is no longer as clear as you’d like. Switching to glasses is definitely the right decision.
Thanks to their special lens design, ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses are specially modified to accommodate contact lens wearers’ typical visual behavior and make switching to glasses a piece of cake – all while giving your eyes a break. Enjoy truly refreshed eyes that are ready for whatever comes next.

So long digital eye strain!

Enjoy comfortable vision when using your smartphone, laptop or tablet – thanks to innovative technology from ZEISS.

Even if you’re not a ”digital native,” we all are using digital devices more and more. This shift has caused our visual habits to fundamentally change: reading on digital devices requires a shorter reading distance, and causes our eyes to shift frequently from near to far and back again. In particular using a smartphone, tablet or a similar digital device for an extended period of time can result in stressed or overly tired eyes. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses for contact lens wearers feature a special technology which makes it easier to read books, newspapers, magazines, and on all kinds of digital devices. They’re an excellent way to prevent digital eye strain.

For contact lens wearers in their 20s or early 30s, there’s
ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision eyeglass lenses:

Our ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision lenses are optimally suited for active ”digital natives” between 20 and 35 years of age. They come standard with a DuraVision BlueProtect coating and feature Digital Inside Technology, making them perfect for relaxing young, stressed eyes.

For contact lens wearers in their 30s or 40s, we offer
ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital:

Eyeglass and contact lens wearers between about 30 and 40 years of age benefit from ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital lenses, which come standard with DuraVision BlueProtect and Digital Inside Technology – ensuring more comfortable, relaxed vision.

For contact lens wearers 40 years old and up, there’s
ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive:

They’re the ideal addition for those over 40 who wear progressive or multifocal contact lenses. ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive with DuraVision BlueProtect and Digital Inside Technology delivers sharp, clear vision and relaxed eyes.