Lens Options

by | Feb 25, 2018

You and your optician have been busy.  You found the perfect frame, determined the best lens style for your lifestyle and daily routine and chose the best material for your prescription, your frame and your lens style.  Now lets look at your additional Lens Options.  Each of these offer unique benefits that can improve not just your vision but your overall well-being.

Photochromic Lenses

PhotoFusion® by ZEISS
Fast self-tinting lenses.
Eyeglasses that adjust to any light condition – full sunlight, indoor lighting and everything in between. PhotoFusion® by ZEISS lenses do it all – and do it fast.

Fast darkening.
Fast fade back.

PhotoFusion polycarbonate and high-index lenses darken up to 20% faster and fade back up to two times as fast* as previous photochromic lenses offered by ZEISS.

Very clear indoors.
Very dark in sunlight.
PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses offer excellent vision under all lighting conditions.

  • Indoors, and outdoors at night, they remain clear.
  • Outdoors on cloudy days, they respond to reduced solar UV rays and turn semi-dark.
  • In full sunshine the lenses are hit with the full intensity of the sun’s rays, and they darken to a true sunglass tint.

100% solar UV protection for your eyes.

No matter how dark or clear they are, PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses always block 100% of harmful solar UV rays. Your eyes will not only be comfortable in all lighting conditions, they’ll be fully protected.

PhotoFusion by ZEISS is available in gray and brown tints.


*Average performance. Performance will vary by material, temperature and light conditions.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Superior CLARITY with Real-World Toughness.
What does superior clarity mean in an eyeglass lens? How about the near elimination of distracting glare as well as scratches and smudges that interfere with your vision? Lenses that are easy to keep clear and clean, and are tough enough to last as long as your prescription?

Introducing ZEISS DuraVision Platinum, the anti-reflective lenses setting a new standard for clarity, cleanability and toughness. Made by the company that invented anti-reflective lenses.

Clarity in an anti-reflective (AR) lens is measured by the amount of light reflected from the lens surface. The fewer the reflections, the greater the clarity. This means your vision is sharper in high-glare conditions such as driving at night or working on your computer, and others can see your eyes more clearly.

ZEISS DuraVision Platinum reduces light reflections by over 20% compared to other anti-reflective lenses¹, giving you maximum clarity, day and night.

For a lens to be clear, it needs to be free of scratches. ZEISS DuraVision Platinum is three times tougher on scratches compared to conventional AR lenses, thanks to an integrated system of densely-packed coating layers on the lens surface. In laboratory testing with a dry cloth, DuraVision Platinum still looked new after 600 wipes while previous generations of AR showed significant scratching.

No matter how careful you are, your lenses will inevitably be exposed to dirt and smudges. That’s why ZEISS incorporates advanced technology to keep your lenses cleaner, longer.

The only thing clearer is no lens at all.

Tough on reflections

Tough on scratches

Tough on dirt and smudges

BlueProtect Coating

Blue-violet light is everywhere.
Damaging blue-violet light can be found everywhere and the more you’re exposed to it, the greater your risk of eye damage.

Increasingly, health professionals recommend that people of all ages protect their eyes from excessive blue-violet light exposure.

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect shields your eyes from damaging blue-violet rays, indoors or out.

Blue-violet light:
A health threat hiding in plain sight.
Like invisible UV radiation, exposure to blueviolet light can affect your eyes and your health.
And the threat is increasing as we are exposed to increasing levels of blue-violet light.

The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that blue-violet light may contribute to retinal damage and macular degeneration.

Viewing digital devices at night can also disrupt the brain’s production of melatonin, causing sleep disturbances.

Shielding your eyes from
damaging rays.

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect is specially designed for people who spend a good deal of time in front of their computer, television or tablet, or are frequently exposed to LED and CFL lighting.

The advanced light-filtering system of BlueProtect blocks a significant amount of the most harmful blue-violet light.

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect gives your eyes enhanced protection from potential blue-violet light damage.

Superior clarity and scratch resistance.
ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect incorporates leadingedge anti-reflective and scratch-resistance technology ensuring both your eyes and eyeglasses are protected.
Surface reflections from lenses can distract you and interfere with your vision, particularly in lowlight conditions like night driving. Anti-reflective lenses reduce reflections, resulting in clearer vision.

Superior scratch-resistance technology helps protect lenses from developing scratches due to cleaning and normal wear and tear.

Protect yourself and your family – Ask your Couture Eyewear specialist about ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect today.

Polarized Lenses

Sun & Outdoor Lens Solutions by ZEISS

Skin protection from the sun is a fast-growing concern for everyone who spends time outdoors, but you may be unaware that the sun’s UV rays can also contribute to the development of several serious eye conditions.

Now you can protect your eyes without sacrificing vision quality. ZEISS Sun & Outdoor lenses provide you with high performance prescription sun lenses in both fashion and sports frames for any style or activity. Our lenses deliver

• Clear, sharp vision customized to your specific visual needs
• Polarized lenses that eliminate blinding sun glare and provide full UV protection
• Mirror coatings which stylishly protect the eye
• Sport lens designs which offer full eye protection from the elements
• A dazzling array of tints and gradients for active, driving and urban lifestyles.

Ask us about ZEISS Sun & Outdoor lenses and how they can help you protect your eyes and perform at your peak every day!

Zeiss Duravision Mirror Coatings
Fun, fashionable mirror on the front, anti-reflective coating on the back. Available in eight exciting colors to fit any lifestyle.
Zeiss Polarized lenses

Glare-free vision, sharper color perception

and full UV protection.

Zeiss Sport Lenses

Protection from all sides and angles from

UV rays, wind and glare.  Excellent optics

and reduced edge thickness.