iCuity Digital Progressive

Exclusively at Couture Eyewear

Enjoy great vision when carrying out daily tasks and feel more relaxed after hours of reading or working on the computer.  Couture Eyewear’s iCuity Digital Progressive lenses are the best solution for emerging presbyopes looking for an affordable entry level lens design that offers comfort from near to far with very little swim effect.  Enjoy large, distortion free distance vision and an enhanced near zone for easy reading.

iCuity Digital Lenses from Couture Eyewear

Affordable Free-Form Technology

The iCuity Digital free-form progressive is a full back surface progressive design that is optimized for the wearer.  The iCuity Digital is fully adjustable to provide a well balanced design for any frame selection.  iCuity Digital lenses provide the ability to switch between distance and near viewing areas with minimal distortion.  Enjoy wider fields of view and more clarity that traditional progressive lens designs.

Easy adaptation, great visual clarity. 

Couture Eyewear’s iCuity Digital lenses are fitted by our eye care professional to perfectly accommodate the wearer’s eyewear selection.

Our most affordable digital progressive lens that offers a superior design and greater visual clarity over traditional progressive lenses.

Incredibly thin and light lenses 

Even for high prescriptions

The following rule applies to every pair of glasses: the lighter they are, the better. And this not only holds true for the frames. High-quality materials and precise technology enable Couture Eyewear’s iCuity Advanced lenses to be as thin and light as possible – even with a high prescription. This ensures maximum wearer comfort with only minimum weight.